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Tai Chi Classes and Courses for Adults, Teachers and Children by UK Tai Chi

We are one of the country’s leading provider of Tai Chi classes, courses and  training in the Corporate, Health and Education sectors.

Tai Chi is at the core of both my working and private life.

UK Tai Chi offers a variety of training based on the Chinese Arts of Tai Chi & Qigong.

We are committed to delivering high quality, achievable and sustainable training to promote personal wellbeing and a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are new to TAI CHI, start reading here..

   • Training in Tai Chi can have a positive effect on daily life by helping reduce stress, one of the most common causes of illness today.


   • Tai Chi can be as arduous as any Martial Art, developing personal discipline and increasing self-confidence.


   • Although Tai Chi was conceived as a Martial Art - this does not necessarily mean "physical" combat. Tai Chi can be used to help us manage our every day battles with stress, poor health and our mind and egos.


   • Applying the principles help improve physical fitness, posture, balance and tensile strength.

Breathing, co-ordination and mental well-being can also improve with regular practice.



There are many ways of coming to Tai Chi and everyone has their own journey; as the classics say:

“There are no paths; paths are made by walking”

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