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The Holistic Mirror for Emotional Wellbeing

PSHE Association Annual Conference on emotional wellbeing and mental health.

From PHSE Annual Conference:
'The PHSE annual conference brought 200 colleagues from across the county together to share practice on the crucial issue of pupil emotional wellbeing and emotional health.

The PSHE Association announced result of a survey showing that 90% of parents believe schools should teach children and young people about mental health and emotional wellbeing alongside traditional subjects like maths and science.

Education Minister Lord Nash reiterated that all schools have a duty to promote pupil’s spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and are inspected accordingly. He said that PSHE education “plays a vital role” in helping schools fulfil this duty through a broad and balanced curriculum.

How to deliver 'good practice' and shared outcomes is the challenge.  One of the ways to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health would be to teach students and children how to look internally to their 'Holistic Mirror'.

The Holistic Mirror is a technique found in Tai Chi/Qigong.  By learning how to calm the mind and look internally, we can reflect on ourselves, recognise the importance of settling the mind and understand emotions.  But more crucially understand others and the role that they play in our development.

'When we understand others we understand ourselves '  

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Emotional Wellbeing

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