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The World Peace Flame  

The Hague

Registered Charity No:1161432

I was first introduced to The World Peace Flame in 2012 when two lovely ladies Sue and Fi joined my Tai Chi class in Garforth, Yorkshire (UK Tai Chi).  Since then I have supported and promoted the Peace Flame in my classes, schools and during our Annual celebrations of Chinese New Year and World Tai Chi Day.

This year when I attended the celebrations for the Tai Chi Union 25th Anniversary in Manchester I gifted a small Peace Flame tea light and leaflet to Dan Docherty, Executive and Chair of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.  He suggested I wrote this article.

History of The World Peace Flame - Uniting  People and Nations

'Our dream is as simple as it is ambitious:  One flame uniting people worldwide........'

'The World Peace Flame has been burning since July 1999, when seven flames were lit by eminent peacemakers on five continents.

On 27 April 2004 every country and member state of the world combined to create a monument 'The World Peace Pathway' outside the Peace Palace, in the Hague.  The monument formed from stones holds special cultural significance to each country and encircles the eternal burning World Peace Flame.  We (the peacemakers) believe in the essential freedom of the human spirit to create peace at any time under any circumstances – a view endorsed by the millions of people who have lit The World Peace Flame as a symbol of this dream.

The aim is to inspire people everywhere that ‘the individual plays a crucial role in creating peace at every level'. Our dream is as simple as it is ambitious: to light an eternally burning World Peace Flame in every major city or decision-making centre in the world. The now legendary World Peace Flame, a universal symbol for global peace and unity, is bringing hope to millions of people worldwide

Today The  World Peace Flames burns in thousands of homes, schools, workplaces, hospitals and places of worship around the world, with the permanent home for the Peace Flame in the UK being Bangor North Wales. The number of World Peace Flames continue to grow as we present international decision makers with flames, as well as installing flames in monuments in major cities across the world'.

With the world in chaos and people fleeing from war torn lands I think everyone lighting a tea light for peace is a small token to show our support of this excellent cause.  I would like to ask all members of the Tai Chi Union to show their support and spread the light for World Peace.  Betty Sutherland - UK Tai Chi and ™ 'Chi for Children' www.uktaichi.com

The above is an excerpt from The World Peace Flame website.  You can read more and support the initiative on www.worldpeaceflame.org  e-mail  info@worldpeaceflame.com

Contact for the Peace Flame and more information:


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